Single span beam (IPN / IPE / IPB / HEA / HEB / HEM)

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l: m
Girder type
Yield strength MPa
Young's modulus GPa
Density kg/m^3
Safety factor
M: kg
m: kg

Strength %
d: mm
f: Hz
Stress components
σ0.5L,outer fibre: MPa
τ0.5L,outer fibre: MPa
τ0.5L,neutral axis: MPa
τ0L,neutral axis: MPa
Mises stress
σ0.5L,outer fibre: MPa
σ0.5L,neutral axis: MPa
σ0L,neutral axis: MPa
Girder geometry
h: mm
b: mm
tw: mm
tf: mm
A: mm2
W: mm3
I: mm4

How to use the calculator

The calculator aims at technically interested people who are looking for a simple and fast way to calculate the load capacity of a single span beam. Please use it with discernment and do not rely on the results.
The calculator uses basic theories of Applied Mechanics to calculate internal forces of the beam. Deformations are calculated according to the Euler–Bernoulli beam theory. Stresses are calculated at 0.5l as well as at the bearing positions. Normal stresses and shear stresses are evaluated at the web and at the flange of the girder. This way the calculator can treat long beams which are affected by bending as well as short beams which are additionally affected by shear forces. Cross section properties W, I, A are calculated using the flange and web dimensions. This may differ slightly to values found in literature because the radius between web and flange is irgnored.

You should know:

  • Dead weight of the beam is included
  • The calculator is meant to account for strength failure. It checks if strain is within elastic range. No irreversible deformation is allowed.
  • The calculator does not account for failure due to buckling.
  • The calculator does not accout for fatigue failure
  • The calculator does not account for fracture toughness
  • The calculator does not account for strength reduction due to plate thickness
  • The safety factor should be taken from the rules to be applied.



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  • Compute A, W, I with flange and web dimensions